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A train in the kitchen

Maybe it's a side effect of watching so much BBC America, as Deb and I have started drinking tea. No Lipton here… Or current favorite is Margaret's Hope Autumnal SFTGFOP-1 Darjeeling. It helps having a first rate coffee roaster and tea shop in town. We just purchased a new kettle and went with the Oxo Uplift Tea Kettle The first use was a bit of a surprise, the multi-note steam whistle sounds like a steam engine coming down the tracks. Highly recommended.

Look Closely

Try this Eye Test

Turn down the volume

…on the TV, and turn on the radio. The sportscasters for NFL football on TV are annoying to the point of making the games hard to watch. Rarely is any true insight provided, they just spew an endless stream of cliches and worthless psychological analysis of the players and coaches. Rarely does anyone seem to enjoy the game they are watching.

In contrast, is the coverage provided via radio (NFL Radio Schedule .) Being radio, the announcers actually have to talk about what's going on on the field. Even Boomer Esiason isn't as irratating in this format. Harry Kalas the current NFL Films narrator, is especially good.

Of course, for Steeler games, I'm listening to local coverage and Myron Cope

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