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I love the goofy little bastards

Read the real life stories of a special education teacher: The Tard Blog.

I hate when that happens

Add another potential hazard to the list of things that can go wrong when blue water sailing: Giant squid slows Geronimo. “We were all ready to do battle with boathooks and knives, but as soon as we slowed the boat down, it obviously decided that it would be better to let us go while it had the chance.”

Suspicious Activity

So our good friends at

The Man in Black

I'd just like to say that I was a big fan of Johnny Cash from way back. That's country music I wouldn't be ashamed of (along with Marty Robbins, Merle Haggard, and Hank Williams Sr.) First rate fishin' music. I've been a fan of NIN for a while too, and I was surprised to see how well they go together in Cash's cover of Hurt (video) While I might not buy that album, I'm definately going to get a country music CD shopping list together soon. It's even weirder that Rick Rubin is the producer the Johnny Cash album. He was the producer for five of my favorite band's albums.

Birds of a Feather

Like Chris I too have an IKEA PO

Up at 5am

*heart pounding* I just had a dream I was playing a very competitive game of hide and seek in my old grade school. Wierd.

About the Wiki

I used's TWiki – A Web Based Collaboration Platform to power my Alfa Wiki. It's the one I use at work, it's in Perl, and it was pretty easy to setup/ feature filled. Good stuff.

Overcoming inertia

I like the net, I love Alfa Romeos. Good web resources help make owning Alfas easy. I've owned Alfas for several years now, and I've learned a lot about fixing them in time. I always wanted to share that info, but creating webpages frankly sucks, too much work to bother. I'm sure many would agree and add to that number the people who don't have a good webhost or HTML skills.

We've been using a Wiki at work to maintain some of our development documentation. It requires so little effort to use, that even I'm adding to the documentation.

That inspired me to create an AlfaWiki and finally help create some content rather than just being a leech. I'm curious to see if it gains critical mass.

Fuel Injectors

I just had my Alfa 164S's fuel injectors (6) cleaned/rehabed by Rich at Cruzin Performance for a paltry $74 delivered. Good guy, great service. They spec'd out very well (<2.5% variation in flow) which is great... But that doesn't explain why the motor seems a bit off song.

Safety is Fun

I think I'd need OSHA to protect me from laughing my ass off, if my job was illustrator for OSHA's Fatal Facts I really admire the artist's work Caught In machine and Caught by Rotating Part

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