Archive for January 1st, 2003

Not under my xmas tree

In case anyone was wondering, this would have been an ideal xmas present: Alfa 156 GTAm I did get the excellent gift of a package of Turkish Alfa Romeo brochures from my friend Martin. As close as I'm likely to get to a new Alfa for the foreseeable future. (I'll never buy a new car, and FIAT is still inventing new ways to loose money, current US reintroduction date 2007.)

Apocolypse Pooh?!

Apocolypse Now is probably my favorite film (other than Blazzing Saddles of course.) When nothing else seems to be on, we can generally rely on Cinemax showing Redux. I think we must have watched it (or parts of it) at least 20 times in the last year. Anyway, we were looking up something on IMDB when I stubled upon a reference to IFILM – Apocalypse Pooh Wow. It's far from being a great spoof… Hell, I think I could have done better, but it's a damn funny concept.

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