So I was reading my coworker's site and I see this : News: When you hear hoofbeats… A cautionary tail concerning problem debugging. Interestingly, I had the exact same problem last night.

My wife started blogging. We were busy this weekend and she had much to post. She started complaing about MT taking forever to rebuild the index after she made a post. Initially, I suspected it was bandwidth issues related to CMU implementing traffic shaping to throttle outbound connections… those damn kids and their P2P are fucking up my free bandwidth.

My ssh connection to the server was working fine… “Maybe they only clamp down on WWW and P2P traffic”, I thought. So I tried using Lynx to connect to deb's blog on localhost. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to rebuild the indexes, because MT uses a popup window to execute the command… Lynx seemed to be ignoring it (or at least not making it obvious as to how I could access it.) So I started digging through the log files. That's when I noticed an entry in the error_log about a connection timeout, and incomplete headers.

That's when I found the weather server was down, and causing the index rebuild to time-out. Doh! To keep deb posting I deleted that entry from her site Template (adding the TWiki integration) and all was good again.

_UPDATE:_ I'm such a dumbass. I just tried to post this forgetting completely that the weather plug-in is still in my template. “Hey, why's it taking so long…” Duh!