Traveling Route 22 from Pittsburgh to Johnstown four separate times this weekend gave me ample opportunity to formulate some observations…

Sheetz has their shit together. They've been using touch screen ordering systems for all their “Made To Order” food options for at least 5 years. I never have speak to another human other than the cashier, but more importantly my order has always been correct in that time. Why do Wendy's, Burger King, et al. still bother with humans taking my order? They fuck up my order 5 times out of 10, and speaking to them is an outright mental assult. I've tried to refine my ordering technique to reduce mistakes and to preempt any unecessary questions, but they don't stick to their own damn script. Anyone competent enough for the job is over-qualified to work for a minimum wage… so just eliminate the position entirely. And Sheetz… Please build some locations in Pittsburgh proper. Being able to get a tasty custom built burger, Krispy Kreme donuts, and a tank of cheap gas all in one stop kicks ass.

There are still a lot of _”Trucker's Libraries”_ (my father's slang for Adult bookstores) between Murrysville and Indiana, including The Climax a drive-through strip joint. I wonder if the internet is eroding their sales… of course, that assumes that supplying pornography is the only function these stores provide. If you watch closely when you drive past, the parking lots are much bigger behind the stores than in front of them.

This winter is absolutely destroying the roads around here. I'm now almost happy that my new Alfa has been sidelined during the EngineRebuild. I'm glad it hasn't been subjected to the salt/flying gravel/and lunar-like road surface that my Acura has seen. I think Afghanistan has a better transportation infrastructure.