It has been my experience that it is impossible to explain gun-usage/ownership to non gun users/owners. Even within the pro-gun group there are many sub-divisions.

I don't like bringing up my gun views in mixed company. It would take all day to explain my views and the personal experiences that led to them. When the subject comes up, generally the non-gun owners are put-off, or another gun owner will say something that I don't agree with.
I personally dislike any gun that isn't obviously designed for target shooting or hunting. But that's just me (and my father's bias.)

Anyway, I felt I should give some background to this entry:
Deb's Blog: Afternoon in the woods I've been shooting since I was old enough to hold a gun with my dad's help. My father was an accomplished skeet & trap shooter and an even better small game hunter.

The more interesting the shooting, the better my father would shoot. I'm the same way… for some reason having some money riding on a shot, or when hunting small game, I can focus. It sounds like bullshit, but it's my own kind of Zen, a very pleasurable state of being.

I have a hard time tapping into that when just target shooting. In my dad's day they had open garbage dumps, you could get a box of shells and go shoot rats all day. My guilty pleasure is shooting chipmunks, and most people take offense at this. Rats should have evolved some stripes and bushy tails too… It would do wonders for their PR. Fortunately for the chimpmunks they were all still tucked away in their holes, waiting out the winter.

I did see something though. High in a tree, which I later measured off at 70 yards away I saw something move. I recognized it. It was very small and moving irraticly. I pulled up, paused for a moment. It was so far away the front sight completely obscured the target. I took a second to judge the movement, and took a shot. I was dead-on. It was probably one of the best shots with iron sights I've ever made. It would have only been better if I didn't feel that pang of guilt. I think deb has been fostering the growth of my conscience. I'm not sure I see the advantages of it.