I don't understand mobile phone-fetishists such as Mr. Russell Beattie. First when I see Symbian I see Sybian which causes considerable cognitive dissonance. But mainly because I can't imagine using a phone as something other than a phone… Well I guess I could, but I can't imagine working myself into a lather over it.

Maybe it's because I don't use public transportation. I'm rarely forced to sit around and kill time. But it's more likely that I don't want to be identified with geeks, urban hipsters, pathetic business types, and all the other assholes that over use their phones in public.

I had a “cell” phone about 6-7 years ago. I liked it, but I was poor and it was one of the first luxuries to go. My killer app at the time was “Hey, I'm driving down your street now…” No more parking and ringing doorbells when I was picking someone up.

I talked myself into buying a phone again earlier this year. Since I drive exclusively aging, self-maintained Italian sports sedans, having a phone handy is comforting (not that I've had to use it.) My killer app is more or less the same. It was nice to have when we purchased the house, but since then I haven't used it much, mostly just for the free long-distance. Still I'll probably get another for my wife and just dispose of our land line. With all the fees/taxes it's more expensive than having a 2nd mobile, plus it should make picking Deb up after work a bit easier to synchronize.

It's still just a phone.