Taking some ideas from the Bush administration playbook (i.e. how to sell an idea that only benefits you…), I spent the last 2 months carefully planting and growing the the motorcycle idea. It seemed to work pretty well (although my wife is naturally very cool.) No real friction was generated, and I'm now just counting down the days (26) until I pickup my bike.

I must have been more persuasive than I thought. While we were out shopping for motorcycle boots, a little scooter caught Deb's attention. I could see a familiar look in her eye as she circled it like a vulture. She had bike lust.

We spent the next few hours talking about it, and reviewing scooter info on the web. This is where I shine… obessively researching a new topic. By the end of the day I knew what was availible, and I think what we wanted. Deb would take anything “as long as it's cute.” I wanted something that: a) I didn't have to work on. b) had enough power to be safe and c) didn't cost a fortune.

The used market is pretty disappointing. Even shabby examples were commanding a healthy price, and the selection was very limited. So, I was forced to consider a new scooter. I've never purchased a new vehicle in my life, and now it looks like Deb's first will be showroom new. It's not fair.

I think I want her to buy the Bajaj Chetak. It's a 150cc 4-stroke, enough power to reach 60mph. More importantly it has enough power to safely climb the local hills, and to keep up with traffic on the side roads. It's made in India, and is relatively inexpensive, thanks to mass production and a simple/efficient design. I believe they make about 750,000 units per year. That's a lot of scooters. Price is around $2,000. (Still a bit steep if you are comparing price/performance with motorcycles… but they aren't in a friendly package, and that's what Deb needs.)

Maybe it will keep me busy till the end of May gets here. Maybe I'll take my motorcycle test on it too.