That's the sound my credit card is making. Deb's suprise interest in 2 wheeled transport means 2x as much gear to buy. There is additional pain in buying women's gear… low demand, few choices, low supply = $$ for something nice.

I did happen upon New Enough, a fantastic motorcycle apparel vendor. They specialize in closeouts, older stock, and back it up with solid customer service. Most importantly when shopping for clothing over the internet, no re-stocking fees. Nice people.

I'd try to buy from local vendors… but they carry very little street gear and what they do carry tends to be overpriced. They do have a fair selection of dirt bike gear… I guess all the kids riding liter bikes in T-shirts just don't have the cash for proper safety gear.

I'm trying to be practical in my gear selections while trying not to look like a Power Ranger. So that means a lot of black. On it's way:

For me:

Fieldsheer Sonic Air Jacket and Titanium Air Pants
Teknic Violator Pro Gloves
Nolan N100 Flip-up Helmet, flat black, with Dark Smoke shield
Teknic Defender Waterproof Boots

For Deb:
Alpinestars Downtown 4W textile jacket
Olympia Ladies Gloves

I still need to find a lid for deb. She'll probably get the Nolan too. The Flip-up full face helmets are just so damn handy. Especially for those with glasses.

Expect some reviews once we get a chance to put some miles on the gear.