I scheduled a Motorcycle license test last week, for today. I showed up on time, passed the knowledge test (perfect score) and was just about to start the riding portion of the exam.

That's when the examiner said “Is that your white scooter… You _Know_ you can't get a M class license with that… you can only get an M-class with a V-restriction.”

The way he said it really jacked me off… No I don't know it, because it's not mentioned anywhere in the damn Motorcycle Operators manual. And it certainly wasn't mentioned anywhere obvious on the website. It _is_ clearly stated that you need an M-class to ride a scooter. No mention of V-restriction there.

So I asked a few more questions and found out, if I passed on the scooter, and want a full M-class license, I'd have to go through the whole permit thing again. Why bother? So I left without taking the riding portion of the test.

I did see the layout of the course though… and I know how big of a box I need to ride 3 figure 8's in. (What a stupid ass test.)

Hopefully the Daytona has a better turning radius that my old FZR.