So Slashdot ran a story today about some players that hacked a Shadowbane server and made a mess of things. Ubisoft has it's panties in a bind and is threatening prosecution of the evil doers.

While I'm thoroughly immune to such games now, I'll admit I spent many an hour on the Shadow Mud (a Diku Mud) that ran on my friend's Next. It was '91 and I was a freshman at CMU. I hated the place and did what a lot of people did there… escaped by doing something completely stupid like play Netrek or mud all damn day.

Fortunately, having some access God level powers (via my best friend) allowed me to progress rapidly through the game, see most things, with time grow tired. Eventually I quit/was banned for pulling a stunt similar to the Shadowbane mess.

You can do a lot with God level access, and I managed to do just about everything. I gave super powers to lowly creatures, put the badest bosses in friendly locations, teleported people to nowhere, made items of unreal power, you name it. It was fun in that burning ants with a magnifying glass sort of way… except that it was was better, ants don't scream. The Beastly Fido (a 1hit-point dog that roamed the main city) that we gave Balrog like stats was an absolute riot. 20th level characters were being mowed down in the city streets. I didn't realize people could get that upset.

Although I rarely if ever play games anymore… I definately don't play complex games without some kind of cheat. I'd hate myself if I actually spent the 100+ hours it takes to complete a modern game, and why play if you don't get to the “end.” Generally I gravitate towards shallower games, like Pinball, driving sims, or my all-time favorite Adventure on the Atari 2600.

Congrats to the dickheads who reeked havoc on the Shadowbane server. I'm sure you had quite a laugh, and with luck at least one person will be disgusted enought to go outside.