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So I passed my PA Motorcycle licensing test today. This time I went to the test armed with the Penn DOT Motorcycle Fact-Sheet and my owners manual. The supervisor read the fact sheet, checked the scooter's specifications, and realized that I was indeed riding a motorcycle. That hurdle cleared, all I had to do was pass the test.

I lucked out here too… The Baretta-wannabe tester (I think his name is Ed, or maybe it was Mr. Assclown) was busy giving a CDL test. So the district manager stepped in to administer the test. He was an actual human, and engaged me in some friendly conversation. He didn't give a crap about me testing on a scooter.

The test was: 3 figure 8s, 4 cone slalom, upshift, downshift, stop… PASS. I think it was pretty obvious I wasn't a beginner, so he didn't get too carried away with the test. A few signatures later and I had my M-class. Horray!

It was a perfect day for the test too… Sunny, just warm enough, with a great 15mile ride to the testing center. After making the trip a few more times, I'm very comfortable on the scooter. I was hauling ass the whole way there and back. Country roads are just so damn fun.

Now I can start counting down the minutes till I pick up my Daytona tomorrow. Waiting has been more excruciating than the xmas when I got my first BMX bike.