Archive for June 1st, 2003

More Bike Pictures

First significant ride on the Daytona today… what a friendly bike. I think I'll still get the bar risers, but it's not a wrist/back breaker I might have expected.

I do need to invest in some earplugs. Wind noise over 60mph is (eventually) deafening.

It's here, my Daytona

Finally a break in the weather… well if you consider a break 15 minutes. I was able to finish adjusting the steering head bearings and put everything back together in time to take a few photos. The rain was already starting to fall again. Unfortunately, the flash doesn't do justice to the color.

Hopefully the forecast holds for tomorrow, and I'll get some more saddle time in addtion to a few more pictures.

Bogus Weather Radar

We've been at the edge of the rain all damn day. Since 3 o'clock when we briefly got some sun, it's looked like the rain was only minutes from passing over. Yet it continues to rain. I think they are just looking out the window, and painting in green if they see rain.

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