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Hammer Time

When did other people start driving so fast?

There was a time when I _never_ got passed. I'm not driving any slower (on average), but there are a significant number of people out there going faster than me. This is especially true on 376E, where the median speed (traffic permitting) is easily in excess of 70mph.

I was passed several times yesterday on the Daytona and for the most part I was doing close to 80mph. I don't like that. I like to be just a little bit faster than traffic as it helps keep people from sneaking into my blindspots. I wasn't willing to risk a ticket at 80+

Anyone else notice this?

Google Search Terms

So lots of people seem to find my blog via google. What I find facinating is what they are searching for when they find my blog.

Here are the Google Searh Terms for this May.

a sample:

indiana adult bookstores
wiki software sushi
symbian fucking machines
fun with osha
crappy weather icons
zen trap shooting

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