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When Animals Attack Sportbikes

Saw this link posted to alt.motorcycle.sportbikes this evening.

Deer Strike Video _12meg wmv_

Holy crap. The rider took a good spill but came out with little more than a sprained knee and some road rash on his hand. The bike is in surprisingly good condition.

Good quality, high resolution video, but I can't explain the choice of music for the video.

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I modified the RSS feed template for this site. Entries are now piped through the TWiki, and the output is massaged to be RSS Valid. The only gotcha so far is I can't use the “nop” tag, as it results in a relative link that breaks validation.

The end result is an RSS feed with working links to my picture gallery and Wiki site. Not that I've ever used RSS, but looking at the access logs, somebody is grabbing it.

I've also applied a creative commons license to my content. The details.

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