Well I've got something to blog about today…

Mapped out trip, assembled gear, adjusted chain, checked air pressure/oil/coolant… ready to go.

Almost. I forgot to check the weather.

I made it to Bridgeville, and started heading out 50W in nice summer weather. After about 5 miles I noticed some darkening clouds on the horizon. I knew I'd be heading south soon, so I decided to keep going. Another 5 miles and things were starting to look pretty shity, but I was nearing the turn. A few more miles, I decided to pull over and call my wife for a weather update.

No sooner had I turned off the bike, when the wind hit. I saw sparks fly off the overhead powerlines as the wind continued to build. Probably 50mph+

I didn't bother calling, and turned tail, and tried to out run the storm. No luck there… it was moving really fast, and I rode into a scene from twister. There was debris all over the place. Branches were just sliding across the road. As I pressed on I saw a huge tree get ripped in half as I drove past. It still wasn't raining yet, but I could tell it was coming. I was just hoping to get out ahead of it.

I couldn't believe it as the wind got worse… I was looking for some shelter, a barn maybe. I saw one up ahead, but also saw a big pile of shit on the road. It was a giant piece of the barn roof. As I threaded my way past, I saw another huge chunk peel off and fly across the road behind me. No shelter there.

I was staying even with the front, and made it back to Bridgeville. Of course I didn't fuel up on the way out, and I was now really low. As I stopped to tank up, the rain hit. I still hoped I could out run it, and got out on I79. Holy shit… I was getting blown all over my lane, and the rain became torential. I made it as far as Carnegie, when I decided I had pressed my luck far enough. I found a bank drive through and waited out the worst of the storm. After a half hour wait, and another 20 minutes of riding I was home, totally soaked and getting pretty chilly.

I felt bad flogging the Triumph in the rain, but it really handled it well. I can't be happier with how it has performed so far. After a few tweaks, the suspension really inspires a lot of confidence. No regrets on this purchase.