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Internet and Chicken Patties

I'm rapidly reaching internet saturation. Repeatedly polling Slashdot, FARK, Plastic, and Metafilter just isn't entertaining me any more. I started actually participating more in the last month or two on motorcycle newsgroups, and that's just making it worse. I'm online more and more, and I'm less and less satisfied. I'm getting so bored…

I noticed a similar phenomenon about 17 years ago, with chicken patties. I loved them. I could never get enough of them… my mom never seemed to buy enough. One day my mom found them on sale and stocked up on them… at almost the same time, a bit was flipped, and I started hating chicken patties. In the ensuing 17 years, I've never had another. I can't even smell them… what the hell was I thinking.

I don't think I'll ever kick the Internet habit, but occasionally getting sick of it wouldn't be so bad. The Tivo certainly took most of the fun out of watching the Simpsons…

False Economy

I rarely need to shave (my face) but when I do, I like to have a fresh razor. I thought it would make sense since deb really didn't care that we used the same type of razor, a Gillette Sensor Excel. I got her one with a gray handle, and a black one for myself. Problem is, Deb doesn't see the distinction… then I go to shave and it's like shaving with a hacksaw.

Last week I got a Mach III Turbo in the mail. I can't really tell that it's any better, but it's obviously different from our other razors. Now maybe I can pick up my razor without worry. If not, I've always wanted to have a real straight razor. With the way I shake, that could be interesting.

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