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First news from the trenches

Interesting tidbits from the .NET Advisory Council meeting re: Whidbey

In: VB.NET edit & continue
In: slick generic/delegates/anonymous member functionality in C#
Out: NT4 and Win95,ME client support (still in win98)

Wow. No NT4 support at all. Ballsy.

bodily functions

32oz of Coca-Cola at TGI Fridays: $1.89
12oz of water on plane: Free
12oz of Coca-Cola on plane: Free
Finally using hotel bathroom 6 hours later: Priceless.

Feeling unAmerican

I made the mistake of picking up _Fast Food Nation_ at on of the airport bookstores to read on the flight. I had heard enough about it from my friends, that I knew what I was in for. I'm only a few chapters in, and I didn't count on the hateful synergy that would be unleashed reading this book on a plane.

With the exception of sharing a row with normal human sized passengers, it's the proverbial bad flight. It goes without saying, that I'm stuck in the middle seat. (I really should refuse to fly for business unless I book my own travel.) Multiple loud babies, not crying/wailing babies, just ones that like to hear themselves… You'd think the parents might try to discourage this behavior, but I've seen no signs such efforts. Where is that wonderful Korean woman from the _MASH_ finale when you need her? Adding to the fun are the stereotypical bitchy wife and husband immediately behind me. She keeps complaining about the children and her husband lacks the ability to talk softly. Somethings irratating my sinuses and causing my nose to run… without a napkin or tissue in sight.

Anyway, I'm being exposed to the worst of my fellow humans, and then reading about how at least to some degree they got that way. I'd like to think I'm different, that at least I'm immune to the same mass marketing. But what if that's exactly what they want me to think… I'm in some kind of ounter culture marketing demographic. Argh!

At least I think I'm safe on cars, Alfa hasn't sold a car here in 8 years (and probably wont for at least another 5.) But that satellite dish on the side of our house might as well be the mark of the Devil. At least with Tivo, I can avoid the bulk of commercials and for the most part watch what I want to watch. But I think of the time I spend in front of it, and it makes me sick. Like a mythical Siren it lures me onto my own comfy (rocks from the Odessey) a Pottery Barn couch. Laying on the couch, with wifi enabled laptop, I piss away my evenings… a good part of my weekends too. I often get the feeling that we don't do as much as we used to… probably because it's a fact.

On the other hand, I don't believe in a higher purpose, a meaning of life, or that there is some guy in the sky keeping score. I think this forces me to not only be resposible for my actions, but to be responsible for how I evalutate them. I have to admit, pissing away my life is feeling pretty good (so far.)

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