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The Plan

So I'm leaving tomorrow, and will return on the 28th. It should be about 7-8 days to get to CA, where I'll be spending two weeks, and about the same amount of time to return. From here to CO is all interstate riding, but from there to CA, it's all US & State routes. I'm hoping the traffic won't be too horrible over this holiday weekend. Maybe I can avoid the worst, by getting to Iowa by tomorrow night.

Here are the interesting bits of the map for the way out:

Anyway this should be the last update for at least a week or so… hopefully from CA.

The Pain of Planning

So I've been planning my motorcycle trip for more than a month. The problem with a plan, is that starting one is like opening Pandora's Box. Every plan, has contingencies, and contingencies are rarely fun. On a 6-7k mile solo motorcycle trip, there seems to be no end of grizzly contingencies to worry about. Dealing with all these concerns is rapidly draining the fun out of the trip.

7 years ago when I went on my last trip, I think I planned for maybe 4 days. I left with few concerns, and had a blast. I couldn't wait to leave. I'm hoping that once I'm on the road I'll be able to shed most of my concerns, but it will be tough. One of the problems of the internet, is that “news”-worthy anecdotes are rarely positive. I've been exposed to more motorcycle/traveling/general horror stories in 2 months than anyone 20 years ago would ever have heard. Not because the world is any more dangerous… now we just have a (posssibly inflated) idea of how dangerous it really is.

So I went and got more life insurance, better motorcycle insurance, AAA PlusRV coverage incase I break down, AMA memebership, etc. etc… Nothing like placing a wager on a bad outcome… Best case scenario, I spent the money on nothing. *sigh*

So much still to do…

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