So I'm home happy and refreshed, but with an empty refridgerator. I grab the keys for the AlfaRomeoMilano and head outside. “Gee, the driver's side window seems clear…”, I think as I pass my hand through the opening where the glass should be. That's when I started swearing.

The whole time I was away, my driver's side window and sunroof were open. And of course it was Indian Monsoon season here in Pittsburgh. I didn't see a drop the whole trip, but my car practically a swamp.

It's not like the damn thing needs any help rusting. *sigh*. I also got a call from the guy who's storing my AlfaRomeoSpider. Good news: I'll be getting my spider back soon. Bad news: My storage bill was negotiated down to $2000. Fuck me.

So there will be even more car work for me to do, more competition for the garage, and another month or two extra till we pay off the vacation & related expenses.