My bike's here. I used Forwardair to ship it home from California. Total cost was about $425 + $12 for tie-downs, +$6 for 2 combination locks + $18 for a quick-release fuel fitting I broke while draining the gas tank.

Draining the gas tank was the biggest pain in the process. I siphoned most of the gas out (into my friend's Subaru WRX) and removed the tank. Once I figured out how the quick-release fittings work (slick!) I was left with a tank that still had about 2l of gas inside. It took me about 2 hours shaking the gas out, using some rags to soak up the rest. I didn't want to remove the fuel pump access panel and deal with replacing the gasket.

Of course, no one even bothered to check when I dropped off my bike. I probably could have shipped a 100 kilos of dope while I was at it. I appreciate that I didn't have any hassles, as the website seemed to suggest a pretty rigorous inspection.

The ship date was supposed to be the 22nd, but since I dropped it off early they apparently shipped it early. I got a call yesterday saying “Hi, did anyone let you know your bike is here…” It apparently beat me home (SFO and CMH are hubs which probably made for a quick trans-US shipment.) My mother happened to be in town, so she drove me to the airport to pick it up. It was easy to unload, and in the same condition as when I shipped it. I rolled it out, reattached mirrors & windscreen, and added some gas. I was very pleased when it started right up. (I love fuel injection.)

So it's home, I'm home and we're all happy.