I was inspired by a _Good Eats_ (featuring Alton Brown) on beans to make my own batch of baked beans.

I think I tried octopus before I ate my first serving of baked beans. I've always avoided them… sure they smelled good and generally involved bacon, but I never worked up the desire to eat them. A year or two ago I finally had some with a pulled-pork (heh) sandwich I got at Manny Sanguillen's BBQ stand (in PNC park.) You know what they are pretty damn good.

I started soaking the beans last night, prepared the bacon, onions and whatnot this morning and loaded up the dutch oven (heh) and popped it into the oven. I came home to a heavenly smell, and some very good baked beans. I think the recipe is a good starting point… I think I'll try to get a little more BBQ and smokey flavor out of the next batch.