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Note to self part 23

Avoid Russian/Ukranian sushi

(and/or avoid becoming major opposition candidate in a psuedo-democratic country with ties to KGB)

I smell Deer Vagina

One of the hazards of hanging out at a sporting goods store this time of year is being exposed to various deer hunting scent products (designed to cover the human scent and/or attract hony bucks) like Doe-in-Heat, Dominant Buck, and other deer-urine based scents.

It's certainly a distinctive smell… one that clings. I could still smell it hours after I left the store.

I did at least pick up my hunting license while I was there. I'm hoping I get a chance to get out and actually use it this year.

This is war

Pictures from Falluja

Electric Leg

Listening to music at work seems to be triggering my RLS (restless leg syndrome.) I had a bout of this a few years ago… it's really quite irratating. By the end of a day my legs were so tired and sore it was uncomfortable to sleep. Buzz, buzz, buzz.

Must sit still.

Deb learns to spend

Our new sectional:

More good customer service

Oh, and I now have a phone that can actually make and receive calls.

My Treo600 has been sucking for a while. The signal in my own home was too weak to be usable… I had to stand outside to make a call. This wasn't so bad in the summer, but it's a drag now that it's getting cold.

Last week, the phone completely stopped working as a phone… well I guess not completely, it would connect for about 7-8 seconds before dropping the call. “Hello… hey my phone is acting… *click*”

So I called Palm, and prepared for a long tech support call. After only a minute or so on hold, I was talking to a real person, and just a minute or so later it was determined that my phone was kaput. I had the option to send it in, or have a refurb'd unit shipped out that day. I took the refurb option and 2 days later it was on my doorstep. A quick hotsynch and I was back in business. The refurb unit looks as good as new, and it even works indoors! Hooray.


Deb's blog is under attack!

Work related injury

I fell on my elbow while hacky-sacking at work.

Getting older means it didn't hurt as much when it happened, but it hurts more/longer later.


That sucked

So the polling assumptions were wrong, the exit polls were wrong, and I was wrong. I didn't believe Bush would pick up new votes in proportion to Kerry.

Once again I failed to heed my own hard learned conventional wisdom, namely: You can never underestimate the stupidity of the general public.

Lets put the PLCB on the ballot

How long are we going to tolerate state ownership of liquor stores in PA? I thought this was the 21st century.

I went to pick up some Belvedere vodka this evenings festivities only to find that the liquor stores are closed on election day.


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