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I bent my wiki

The twiki<->MT integration is currently screwed… Photo links and formatting are currently broken, but will hopefully be fixed soon.

Update: It's fixed. Mostly.

New Toy(s) update

I'm a bit late with the blog entry… my latest obsession:

Last week I bought a 2004 Hoyt X-Tec (found on Archery Talk's forsale forum.) The X-Tec a near perfect compromise hunting/target shooting bow… fast, easy shooting, relatively short axle-to-axle length. I really can't believe how good it is. It is deadly accurate, and surprisingly quiet. My “old” bow (circa 1994) seems so crude by comparison.

Last night I shot at the club's indoor range. For $2 a trip, I can shoot any time I want day or night. The facilities are fantastic.

My bow is set to a 60# draw weight. Needless to say Deb can't even budge it. She couldn't draw my old bow either, even after I backed it off to 45#. Since this seems like a fun hobby we can do together (indoors too) I started looking for a bow that would suit her. I think I found it (again on Archery Talk.) It is a mid/late 90s woman's target bow. With a draw weight of 30-45#s it should be easy for her to operate. The colors make it look slightly girly too, which I think she appreciates. Should be here next week.

My old bow, while dated compared to my new one, is still pretty decent. I took it with me last night, tuned it, and sighted it in. Now I have a spare bow for friends to use. If you know me and want to give it a try just ask.

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