Hola, amigos. Sorry it's been a while since I rapped at ya, but it's been a busy few weeks at Casa Denovich. Actually, it's been potentially very busy… my to-do list is a mile long which perversely is in itself a strong inhibitor to completing any of those tasks. The to-do-list dread seems to intensify the local gravitational fields that surround the couch, with predictable results.

Last week I flew to beautiful Minneapolis for business. By luck of the draw I got the super-special extra-security shake-down. A note to potential terrorists that if you have “SSSSS” on the bottom of your boarding pass you are going to get pulled aside. This code may be specific to PIT or may change regularly, but it was obvious enough that I knew what I was in for as soon as I printed out my ticket. (I feel so much safer now.)

The trip was successful, and capped of by an excellent porterhouse steak with a twice cooked baked potato, chive and apple wood smoked bacon crust. Normally I'm a steak purist (salt and pepper only) but this crust was a surprisingly good addition to an excellently prepared (rare) steak.

When I returned home I realized that I had not had any caffeine in the preceding 24hrs. So, with one day in I decided to see what would happen if I quit caffeine cold-turkey. I was rewarded the next morning with a day long headache. However I stuck it out, and felt normal the day after.

I disappointingly felt normal. I've always had a persistent shake (it gets worse the finer motor-control I need.) I was hoping that caffeine was the root of the problem, which seemed reasonable since I consume a ton of it per day. Turns out that caffeine just doesn't do that much to me… or that I acclimate to it very quickly. I was secretly hoping that my morning cups of coffee were all that was standing between me and my immediate transformation into a master Zen archer.

It turns out I'm just as wired without caffeine… about the only appreciable difference is that the coffee I was drinking (decaf) tasted like freshly-brewed human excrement.

I think I am going to end this little experiment… or maybe enter a new phase… how will I react to the re-introduction of caffeine?