A few weeks ago, my wife and I were coming back from the sportsman's club. Deb suggested we take a different way home… so we drove through senic Wall, PA.

We were driving along, and the next thing I know I'm being pulled over by the police. I had spent the day shooting so I was a bit tired, and got a bit nervous. The cop informed me that I had run a stop sign. I didn't even remember seeing a stop sign. I got my ticket and drove on, wondering how I could have missed it.

I went back the next day to investigate. It was a perfect series of unfortunate events that led to me completely missing the sign. A large white utility trailer was parked in the driveway in front of the sign, obscuring the sign from a distance. Once you could actually see past the trailer, the sign was again obscured by a telephone pole. The intersection wasn't much of an intersection either… it wasn't obvious that a stop sign would be there.

So I was prepared to recite a litany of migtagating factors (sounds better than excuses) at my hearing this morning, and throw myself on the tender mercy of the court.

The North Versailles (pronounced Ver-sale-s, yes, we're hicks) district court is in the old Eastland Mall, as dreary a place as you could imagine. There were a half dozen people waiting for a 9am hearing. It was a pretty sad looking lot.

4 people were called ahead of me. Finally I was called in, along with some other girl. I thought it was weird that we would be in front of the magistrate together. He explained that we had both been ticketed for the same offense, although at different intersections. He said “I only want an answer to this question: Did you stop at the stop sign?

I launched into my brilliant defense: “No.”

He turned to the girl and asked the same question… She answered “Well the cop was really rude…” I couldn't believe the nerve of this girl. After 5 minutes of repeated questioning she finally admited, that she might not have fully stopped.

I was ready to start pleading my case when it was explained that both our tickets were dismissed, and that we would be receiving a refund of our fine within the next week or two.

That was it.

Justice triumphs again… or something.