Buy some god damn winter tires. Global warming has yet to transform Pittsburgh into the tropics… it snows here every year, yet you are still trying get by with shitty all-seasons. Sure they might have enough grip to get through a mild winter when they are brand new, but have you looked at them recently? Just a few thousand miles and they are worthless when the snow flies. This goes double for SUV drivers! 4WD doesn't help at all when you are trying to stop, and that's what you need to do to avoid an accident, and that giant SUV is a lot of mass to bring to a stop.

Go to Tirerack order a set of dedicated winter tires mounted on cheap steel rims. They'll deliver them mounted and balanced complete with all the necessary hardware. They are surprisingly cheap, and a set should last you for several seasons. It only takes me about 30 minutes to switch over… any gargage will do it for about $20. Hell, if I know you, I'll put them on for free.