We fell out of the habit of preparing regular home cooked meals in the last few months. While I certainly enjoy going out for dinner, I quickly become bored… A $25 entree that delighted a few weeks earlier, simply becomes an expensive source of calories. With a freezer full of deer meat to use, I have some motivation to get cooking again.

Deb is still a bit weirded out by the idea of eating deer. I'd give her some grief about it, if I hadn't so recently tempted her back into being a carnivore. So with this in mind I've been focusing on recipes that deemphasize the main ingredient.

So far I've been on a roll… Many of my favorite dishes have no recipes. I just keep cooking, witches' brew style, until I achieve the desired end result. This often leads to enormous batches, as I need to keep adding things to get the proportions right.