No not this

I'm talking about things I own, and things I like, that are taking over my life.

I am a rat in a Skinner box of my own design. A few months ago, I broke, or at least attenuated my e-mail checking addiction, only to replace it with the crack cocaine that is Bloglines.

And then there's the MP3 collection… I feel compelled to organize it even though I hardly listen to music. I'm hoping this Napster-To-Go makes it easier… but I still have to fool with playlists, and now I have a million possible songs to choose from.

And the fleet of vehicles (cars, bikes, motorcycles, kayaks, a sailboat, windsurfing boards…), too many hobbies to count let alone do… Argh!

Maybe we should have a kid… it would consolidate all my life controlling pursuits into a handy 8lb package.

I need to be more like this guy