I was roasting chicken last night in the oven. We were making a good chicken stock to serve as a base for Italian Wedding soup. I was using a big All Clad roasting pan, it had about 3lbs of chicken parts in it. The bits had released an impressive amount of water, so it was my idea to drain off some of the liquid so that the remaining bits would roast rather than just stew.

Shortly after I removed the pan from the oven I was distracted. When I resumed my previous plan I quite stupidly just grabbed the handle… The stupid part was forgetting the oven mitt. OH, FUCK! Unfortunately, the few short minutes that the pan was out of the oven did little to reduce the temperature of that handle. The searing (literally) pain in my hand quickly got my attention, and I just let go… allowing the pain full of hot chicken parts and about a quart of the rendered juices to smack off the kitchen floor.

It wasn't a total loss. The pan remained upright, and only about half the chicken was strewn across the floor. At least Greenbean will appreciate our new chicken flavored kitchen carpet. I grabbed a handful of ice cubes which helpfully kept the blistering to a minimum, but still left my mood simmering. That stock better taste a hell of a lot better than the shit you can buy in a can.