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Smoke, but no fire

Photographed by denovich

We've been watching a lot of Survivorman on the Discovery channel. I was inspired to try and start a fire with a bow drill. I picked a good day to try it… 5 degrees, with a -10 windchill. By the time I had assembled the necessary bits Deb was half-way to becoming a popcicle. So we decided to try and start the fire indoors.

It didn't take very long to make copious amounts of smoke. But I never got an ember, just lots of blackened saw dust. I'll have to try again…

A little bit country, a little bit rock-n-roll

Photographed by denovich

Reminding you of that terrible song is a pre-emptive strike against a rip on my hat.

Can I keep it?

Photographed by Geis

The one car I really wanted to sit in, but couldn't. The roofline just comes up to my elbow.

You are number one!

Photographed by Geis

The Fuzz reading LiveJournal?

Photographed by denovich

With a telephoto lens I could read that screen

4 cruisers + K9 unit

Photographed by denovich

Excitement outside our house tonight

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