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Spring has officially sprung!

Photographed by denovich

Picked up my new bike today. Quite a change from the Daytona.

RSS Feed Fixed

I didn't realize that the RSS feed was kaput. The cached version was out of sync. I nuked the cached copy, and Typo regenerated on the next access.

I was begining to think Bloglines didn't like me anymore.

Something to blog about

Big development coming this week, or total non-event/disappointment. Stay tuned.

Have I mentioned…

I truly love my wife. There are too many reasons to list, but they are easy to summarize: I haven't been happier. This is something I've been able to say nearly everyday for over eight years.

Another keg kicked

I was going through kegs at a pretty good clip during football season. The Steeler’s super bowl run was a keg and a half just by itself.

I thought the 1/4 of Yuengling I picked up just afterwards would last me a while. I thought wrong. Maybe my switch to drinking out of quart mason jars might have something to do with it.

Ah, ha. Bittorrent + UPnP

I’ve been hip to bittorrent for a while, but I never found it that useful. Downloads seemed to drag on forever. I could go out, get a job, get my first paycheck, and buy it at a store all before a download would finish (slight exaggeration.) For me it just didn’t seem worth it. Why so slow when I had a 6mbps pipe?

Turns out my laziness in configuring port-forwarding on my router was the culprit. I was finally getting around to manually configuring it today, when a friend suggested I should try enabling UPnP.

UPnP was another technology I was aware of, but also something I hadn’t really looked into… I wasn’t clear on it’s benefits, and assumed it was another lame Microsoft solution in search of a problem.

A quick search clued me into it’s benefits. Enabling it meant flipping a bit on my router, and installing the UPnP stuff in Windows XP (Add/Remove Software|Additional Windows Components|Networking…)

With UPnP enabled, I fired up Azureus, it automagically set up the appropriate port-forwarding to enable packets to traverse the NAT. This was the magic enabled by UPnP, and voila… Faster downloads. Much faster downloads.

UPnP is a potential security risk, so do your homework before you enable things.

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