So the big announcement is that I'm taking a new job at the company. I'm moving to the Custom Systems group. It's a lateral move, as HR is loathe to dole out more salary.

The interesting bit, is that the position is at our London (technically: High Wycombe) office, for at least 2 years. I'll be with my current team until the end of this release cycle… I'll then spend a month or two in here getting up to speed in custom systems. Afterwards (probably September) Deb and I will be shipping off to Ol' Blighty.

Lots of details remain to be worked out (cost of living adjustment, housing costs, a car, getting my motorcycle shipped, etc) on the job side, but even more needs to be sorted out at home. What about my fleet?

The plan is to have the coolest garage sale. I hope to sell the Alfas and the truck… the catamaran too. I guess just about everything is negotiable. No sense letting things depreciate, I guess. I've also felt a bit overwhelmed by how much shit we've got (I say that the day after I bought another motorcycle…) sigh.

The reality of moving hasn't really sunk in yet. Occasionally, I catch myself thinking “What the fuck am I doing?!” and then something shiny distracts me. I suppose it will get a hell of a lot more real as the date gets closer.