Photographed by denovich

The weekend started early… After a pleasant evening of fishing Thursday, and the promise of even better weather Friday, I excercised some of my PTO, and headed back to the stream.

Despite some obvious feeding activity on the surface, I had no luck with dry flies. A switch to live bait ended the drought, and I caught 4 trout before Deb got too anxious for lunch.

We ate a MadMex, and capped the evening with a play at the Comptra playhouse. I'll probably never actualy look forward to seeing a play (I blame school for making sure I have no pleasant associations with the theatre) but the play was enjoyable. I also got to see a nice boob at one point, thanks to our elevated seating position.

Saturday and Sunday saw some productive activity around the house. I finally sorted out the power steering in the Lexus. I was having problems with the fluid foaming, despite numerous attempts to flush the air out, and trying better ATF (as indicated by the manual). Hoping for a lucky quick fix, I tried some dedicated power steering fluid that claimed anti-foaming properties. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it worked. $3 and about 15 minutes of easy labor. Hooray. Feels like a luxury car again.

I took care of the fuses (old school euro-style ceramic fuses) in the Spider too. I found some decent copper ones (the aluminum ones are fucking garbage) at NAPA, and took the time to clean all the contacts in the fuse box with a tiny wire wheel on a dremel. I think this will finally put an end to my intermittant electrical woes.

More random progress: The basement was cleaned, weeds were dispatched, a few bikes and cars were washed… the Triumph moved into the basement pending it's eventual sale, and the Spider was tucked away into the garage.

My mom came in for the evening Saturday. We had a nice dinner out (Rose Tea Cafe) and some good bullshit in. The next morning, after some eggs Benedict, I took care of the power antenna on her Lexus. Mom headed for home to be replaced a few hours later by Deb's parents. They came over to use our scanner, and stayed for a most excellent dinner featuring pork tenderloin, smashed potatoes, and green beans. Recipes to be posted shortly.

Nights have been nice too. The temperature has been perfect, and I've been sleeping like a champ. I'm fully rested, recharged, and completely unmotivated to work. Is it the weekend yet?