The topic of babies came up again… more friends hatching more babies (3 close friends in the span of a month or so.)

Deb and I have agreed to defer any possible baby we might have until after this England adventure is over. But that doesn’t mean we don’t still talk about the idea. The basic dialog is the same, but this time it ended with a new twist…

(Heavily condensed transcript follows)

Me: “So do you see us having kids?”
Deb: “Not anytime soon…”
Me: “But do you want to have a kid?”
Deb: “We’d make good parents”
Me: “But do you want to have a kid?”
Deb: “Well I can imagine having one, it would probably be fun…”
Me: “Do you desire a baby?”
Deb: “uh…”
Me: “Do you desire a kitten?”
Deb: “Absolutely!”

I’m guessing people that want babies must desire them at least as much as we’d like a kitten. For us, for now, it’s kittens by a landslide.