A few months ago, Textdrive was killing my lighttpd processes daily, thereby also killing my Typo powered blog too. At the time I didn’t want to move hosts, so I moved my blog to WordPress. Exporting my content from Typo was non-trivial (Textdrive also helpfully kept killing my export attempts after about 10 seconds for using too much CPU… sigh) and I was busy so it got sidelined.

Last night I decided to give it another go. In Rube Goldberg fashion I used a long chain of dubious techniques to get my stuff imported. I used a Mysql dump of my Typo blog as a starting point. I grep’d the relevant lines, tweaked the SQL, and imported it into SQL Server. Looking at WP’s built-in import capabilities it looked like LiveJournal had the easiest format to mimic, although it was XML. SQL Server’s FOR XML AUTO, ELEMENTS was handy… a simple query spat out a file close enough to LJ’s format. A quick once-over with some regexes to convert embeded \n’s into real carriage returns, and it was ready for import. 437 posts imported. Exciting!

Hopefully, this will be the last time I need to do this for a while.