We had a day out in London yesterday. Nothing fancy. Here’s the tally:

Two Travelcards to London (20 mile train ride + use of the Underground): £30
Two tickets with return from Seven Sisters to White Hart Lane (about 1mi, and we didn’t pay): £4.80
Two tickets to the Tottenham Hotspurs v. Turino football match: £50 (this was a “freindly” so the tickets were available and comparatively cheap to a league match)
Two tickets from Highbury and Islington to Camden Road (again a mile or two, and we again avoided the fare): £3
A modest dinner at a little Vietnamese place with friends: £35
A round of cocktails in Camden Town: £30
A tip for the bathroom attendant (whose presence was enough to freak out my “shy bladder” so I didn’t even get to properly relieve myself before the train ride home.) £1

Good God this place is expensive.