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Worse over here (UK): Stinging Nettles

I’ve accidentally brushed up against some stinging nettles in the woods near my home.   A neighbor kid amusingly wiped his ass with some.  They were more itchy than stingy, and had a bit of a delayed effect.

I had my second run in with them today in the UK.  Damn!  They are down right evil over here.  Little pin-pricks of electric fire… and it builds.   They are still stinging 3 hrs later, but I’m getting used to it.  Strangely, it almost feels good.  Not enough to do it again, but not quite searing.

At least it was almost worth it…   the black raspberries around our house are ripening.

Password winge

It’s 2007. Why am I still being subjected to stupid password schemes?

I just signed up for a new account at a investment company. I had to specify yet another username/password combo. Password restriction: 6-10 chars two of which have to be numbers, no special characters, no spaces.

The arbitrary limitation is such a pain in the ass. It’s cryptographically dumb and more irritatingly it breaks my password scheme.

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