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Quick thoughts on Amsterdam

I love girls riding bicycles, and Amsterdam has plenty of them.  I can’t explain why it’s so sexy, but it makes for pleasant bit of people-watching, and leaves a very favorable impression of the city… the whores and dope are just icing on the cake.

I’m apparently not alone in my appreciation of sensible urban transport for females.  My friends have made similar comments.  I should start a photo magazine dedicated to the subject.  Maybe I would, but the only catchy title I can imagine is “Dykes on Bikes” and that invokes the entirely wrong imagary.  I’ve got a strict no-girl-crewcut policy.

Back from Amsterdam

The night before flying to Amsterdam (where my meeting was scheduled) I discovered my hotel was 180km away in Brussels.  Which didn’t make much sense (especially with a 9:30am meeting) and left me scratching my head about what to do.

I called our travel agent about changing flights and he said: “Well…  See the Dutch are a sensible lot, and unlike the British they have an extensive and reliable rail service…”

He was right.  From the airport station, a 2 hr train ride (filled to the gills with goddamn dirty hippie backpackers) delivered me to Belgium.

Over dinner my co-worker remarked “Oh, if your room doesn’t have one, ask the front desk for an electronic mosquito repeller.”  It took me a while to appreciate how cunningly evil this tidbit of advice truly was.  I certainly was tired enough that I might have fallen straight to sleep; blissfully unaware of the insect horde draining my essence.  Instead, I bolted wide awake upon hearing the first buzzing marauder to fly past my ear.  An hour later I had worked myself into a lather from stalking around the room naked, wildly wielding a mosquito killing bath towel.

Bleary-eyed we made our way to the meeting the following morning, where I managed to deliver a convincing presentation with minimal preparation.  Meeting vanquished, I was free to wander around Amsterdam for a few hours.

If my wife had been along, I’d have done something sensible like a boat tour, or rented a bicycle.  Instead I plodded around in uncomfortable dress shoes for 5 straight hours raandomly exploring the city…  managing to miss the truly interesting sights (Red Light District) and sadly ignoring the sirens’ call (or aroma) of the many “coffee” shops.

A quick 45min flight later and I was happy to be home.  It was clean-sheet-day!

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