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What in the hell happened to me?

I use Google Reader to manage my RSS feeds.

I occasionally use the “star” feature which lets me note specific interesting posts, or things I want to read later. I can later view these items like a separate feed.

I checked the starred feed last night, remembering there were somethings I marked while traveling that I wanted to check out later only to find that:

Over half of the starred items in my feed were pictures or videos of kittens, mostly from Cute Overload.

Where am I?

Upon waking, the last two mornings I have had to take a few moments to gather my bearings… “wall, window, door way… our bedroom… oh, yeah, I’m home in England.”

It’s the after effects of a lot of recent travel. We just got back from 2 weeks in Turkey, our most ambitious trip to date. Fortunately, the bulk of the arrangements were handled by my best friend’s wife. We merely had to get ourselves there and enjoy it.

I could do without the near constant attack of traveler’s dilemma or the broken finger, but in total it was a very enjoyable trip. Multiple days in Istanbul and Cappadocia, and 4 days aboard a 75′ yacht sailing along Turkey’s southern coast. Honestly, I could have happily spent the entire trip on the boat… crystal blue waters, warm sun, and not a god damn thing I needed to do. It has me thinking about getting my bareboat certification again.

We’re sorting through the photos now… all 1400+ of them. Keep an eye on our Flickr photostream.

Next week is Austria; the 12th different country I will have visited in less than a year.

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