We’ve been in the US for the holidays.  It has been a remarkably busy time for us.  When we weren’t taking care of months of past due chores at home or work, we were spending all our time visiting friends and family.

We fly back tomorrow, and we go back with suitcases full of goodies and to be honest some mixed feelings.  England still feels like home, and we are looking forward to settling back in to our routine (if the last year could be considered at all routine.)  Sadly, it also feels so much more temporary.  Two years seemed like such a long time last Christmas, but this last year passed so quickly.  I may have a fix for that, in the next few months I hope to learn if my contract will be extended.  But if not, by the end of summer we will need to begin the slow process of wrapping up and coming home.  I’m not one for making (or keeping) long-term plans, but not knowing what is next is making me a little anxious.