Over time my Wii has become progressively louder. As the DVD spun it made a terrible buzzing sound… so loud it really bothered me. I finally took the time to disassemble it and here’s what I did to fix it.

1) Follow the instructions here to get to the drive: http://forums.lovingwii.com/nintendo-wii-hardware/425-guide-disassemble-nintendo-wii-video-pictures.html

Now I tried tweaking just about everything… but the only effective way to kill the noise was to jam a small piece of rolled up electrical tape between the drive housing and the spring loaded carrier. As illustrated here:

Wii Drive Noise Fix

I had the Wii powered on and spinning while I did this… keep trying until it goes silent, eject the disk a few times to check and see if everything still works, and call it a day. Mine is now effectively silent.