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In threes

  1. Myron Cope
  2. William F. Buckley Jr.
  3. ?

Cutting it close

The English are far more formal than I had suspected. Sure a great deal of them aren’t (I’m looking at you Slough) but the ones I see most often are. I certainly don’t stand out when I’m in shirt and tie in our village. Just getting dressed for a walk along the Thames has me puzzling over various pieces in my wardrobe trying to get the right look. Hell, I even own multiple scarves now.

I now find myself taking a much more planned and possibly gentlemanly approach to my personal grooming. WWDoWD? (What Would the Duke of Windsor Do?) Honestly, I have no idea why I would even care. But I’m guessing that since he never had any real job, he probably had time to do everyday things with style. With that in mind, over Christmas I splashed out on some shaving kit in the hope of turning a chore into something a little more pleasurable.

I’d love to have the confidence to use a straight razor, but I’ve never had a steady hand. At my calmest, my extremities merely resonate with a mild hum. Hoping to avoid unintentional exsanguination, I opted for the next coolest option, a double edged safety razor ( A Merkur Heavy Duty Long Handle with Feather brand blades.) It’s a safety razor, but that doesn’t mean care is not required. (Have a block of Alum on hand just in case.) Thankfully, I’ve had little trouble with it so far. I have found the little bit of fear in the morning is possibly better than coffee. On the downside, although the shave is nicer, the results are not really any smoother than a Gillette Fusion Mach 5 Power. (If you shave against the grain, the Fusion can do a little better but that can be a bit tough on the face. Trying them side by side this morning Deb picked the DE razor, but I couldn’t honestly tell the difference.) On the plus side, blades for a DE razor are dirt cheap. I can however wholeheartedly recommend a nice badger hair brush and some good shaving soap. Again I went a bit overboard on the brush (silvertip badger) but just about any brush when combined with the right soap (Taylor of Old Bond Street is nice) will produce a great lather and an enjoyable (well… as enjoyable as it’s going to get) shave. The soap seems to last forever and the whole process just seems right. Finish things of with a little moisturizing after-shave lotion.

Now to go crush a beer can on my forehead in an attempt to reaffirm my masculinity… before I next blog about organizing my wardrobe.

Blogging all the time…

I think of at least 10 blog posts a day. To the point where I mentally process most new events with the starting premise of “How would I blog this.”

And then I don’t.

Another reason I love living here

I can't reach the doorbell

Interesting visitors…

New Mixed Drink

An ad was on the tele while I was mixing myself a dink:  “…Fibersure, from the makers of Metamucil, a clear mixing fiber supplement that mixes easily into foods and drinks without altering taste or color.”  It was just as I was pouring the Bombay Sapphire into my own G&T an resulting in a hilarious eureka moment.  I present my new mixed drink:

Gin and Colonic

  • 2 oz gin (I prefer Bombay Sapphire)
  • 5 oz tonic
  • 1 tbl of Fibersure
  • 1 wedge of lime
  • Now take it easy with this one… (A hangover would be a picnic compared to a more literal interpretation of getting shit-faced.)


    Photographed by denovich

    About CD Cover Meme
    Make your own CD Cover with the following steps and rocket yourself to mulit-platinum status and start fending off the groupies.

    The first article title on the page is the name of your band.

    The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

    The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

    4. ???

    5. Profit

    My random choices:

    Original image: Can’t use it. I checked the license (Creative Commons non-commercial), but I didn’t catch the significance of the Creative Commons (=) icon (no derivative works.)
    Current Image: Something I took (no license issues there) until I can be bothered to try again.
    Sine oculis homeobox homolog 5 (Drosophila), also known as SIX5, is a human gene.

    The multitude of books is making us ignorant.
    Voltaire (1694 – 1778)

    A profound sense of loss

    Greenbean passed this morning.

    I haven’t been able to rationalize my way out of feeling miserable today.  I can’t even explain how she came to mean so much to me, but I know my mom understands.  Ten years ago, I welcomed her (with some reservations…. I didn’t even like cats) into my home when Deb moved in.  In no time at all I found I had a new best friend.  My mom somewhat hesitantly did the same when we moved to England.   It shouldn’t have been surprised that my mom fell for her too.   I thought we might be fighting her for custody when we returned.

    Greenbean had a presence.  It didn’t matter if she was snoozing in another room, probably cuddled up in my clean laundry basket…  you knew she was there.  The house just felt more comfortable with her in it.  And when she met me at the door, or interrupted me at the computer, or offered her belly to me for scratching I had the rare pleasure of a few moments mental peace and a feeling of sincere warmth and friendship.  Over ten years this was never offset by anything negative.

    I should feel lucky… but not today.

    No man is an island

    but some days I feel like a peninsula.

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