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Here, here, and here…

I was thinking about legal documents…  the one’s with little sticky arrows showing us where to initial and sign.

It says something about the people who use the arrows and the people who sign:  Our assessment
: we are too dumb to fully understand the document…  Their assessment:we’re so dumb we can’t even be trusted to know where to ignorantly scratch an “X” agreement.

Cocoa with toy

DSC_7881, originally uploaded by Mark’s Mom.

I’m getting really jealous. I want to spend hours playing with bits of paper and rolling around on the floor chasing strings… it’s just not the same without a cat.

An enormous load

An enormous load, originally uploaded by denovich.

Checking my Flickr stats I learned…

This is the first hit in Yahoo Image Search for “enormous load”

God help you if you have “safe search” turned off.

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