Had to drag my ass out of bed after 4 hours sleep.   I was up ’til 2am installing new seats (from a 2004 Lotus Elise MKII 111s).   My seats are pretty thin on padding but the new ones are a little more generous with the foam, and have perforated leather for breathability.

Sad part is: they fucking kill my back.   The originals are nearly perfect, and all reports said these would be even better.  I can’t see the difference in shape, but it puts the pressure in just the wrong place.  *sigh*  Compound that with loss of time/effort/£/sleep and a horrible commute to the conference and my mood was pretty grim

Was is the operative word:  I opened the conference hand out and saw on the first page, in red:

“At any point in the day, customers are welcome to go and try the F1 simulator.”

Oh, did i mention that the conference is at the RBS Williams F1 factory/campus?