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Meta Post

So I was going to post a snarky post about Pat Robertson and his cancerous prostate. But then I thought it was wrong to take pleasure in such an event…

It's the best job he's ever done at convincing me that there is a god.

So to dig myself out of that karmic hole, I thought I'd post a useful link Prostate Health website

But when I went to the site, I realized just how un-useful it was. Who the hell designs a flash/java only website for pratical medical information. Especially one that I assume is targeted at a much older demographic. Even the fucking disclaimer requires a plug-in to view. What about making it accessible?

Now I'm mad… Mad about a prostate health website.

Getting Serious in the Garage

I think the dreaded previous owner fouled the oil pump with evil RTV sealant. I was able to restore oil pressure, but the engine still didn't sound right under load. All signs point to rod knock, so I embarked on EngineRemoval

Now, I'm starting the autopsy:

The The Alfa Wiki kicks ass. It's so easy to publish… I want to Wiki-fy everything. Now, I just need to convice the rest of the Alfa community to start posting their own content.

Thanks again M$

I've been trying to figure this one out for a while. 320944 – How to Turn Off the Processing of HTML Scripts That Are Contained in Windows Media Files.

Opps, I did it again

For the second weekend in a row, I maganged to screw up the firewall remotely, forcing me to drive into work to put us back on the net. The firewall software we are using Shorewall is excellent, but you can still shoot your foot off with a configuration error. I finally got PPTP traffic to make it through our firewall to a staticly NAT'd internal server. I still haven't figured out why I wasn't able to do it with port forwarding, but at this point I just don't care.

Pushing my buttons

My laptop started randomly shutting down this weekend. No warning, seemingly for no reason… even when I was connected to power (which I always am because my battery life is around 10 minutes.) After the 3rd time I was about ready to kill someone… especially since I was trying to reconfigure the corporate firewall at the time.

Well I finally figured it out. The fan died, and it's shutting down when the CPU gets too hot. I now have an old CPU fan taped to the side of my laptop. I'd take pride in my crappy solution if I had a single compelling reason to be in front of my computer right now.

I love the goofy little bastards

Read the real life stories of a special education teacher: The Tard Blog.

I hate when that happens

Add another potential hazard to the list of things that can go wrong when blue water sailing: Giant squid slows Geronimo. “We were all ready to do battle with boathooks and knives, but as soon as we slowed the boat down, it obviously decided that it would be better to let us go while it had the chance.”

Suspicious Activity

So our good friends at

The Man in Black

I'd just like to say that I was a big fan of Johnny Cash from way back. That's country music I wouldn't be ashamed of (along with Marty Robbins, Merle Haggard, and Hank Williams Sr.) First rate fishin' music. I've been a fan of NIN for a while too, and I was surprised to see how well they go together in Cash's cover of Hurt (video) While I might not buy that album, I'm definately going to get a country music CD shopping list together soon. It's even weirder that Rick Rubin is the producer the Johnny Cash album. He was the producer for five of my favorite band's albums.

Birds of a Feather

Like Chris I too have an IKEA PO

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