HTML Color Palette

There are a lot of HTML color palette tools out there. But I have found VisiBone Webmaster's Color Lab to be one of the best. The way it relates colors to each other is very helpful, and hopefully helps with picking a coherent scheme.

Me too

I fit the description cwinter's GeoURL post. Here I am, and all the losers that surround me.

Feel the speed

I was a bit underwhelmed by the speed of the new Since '96 was hosted on a 486 66mhz (with EISA SCSI and Ethernet cards!) The new machine is a 1.3 Ghz Duron, with a 20gig WD IDE drive running Gentoo Linux. I finally got around checking a few things, and I discovered I was using the base IDE settings. A quick googling revealed some hdparms options Using his options, my buffered disk read speed increased from 3.78MB/sec to 46.72MB/sec. I think I'll go recompile the kernel for fun, just to try it out.

A real shell

I use WinXP on my Laptop… It works, and I didn't pay for it. (For the record I've also been a Linux user since '92) Anyway, the one thing that really irratated me was the lack of a good shell. I started using bash from Cygwin years ago, but that didn't fix the crappy command window it ran in. That is until I found rxvt came with the new Cygwin, and didn't need to run under X. Nice. Bob Lee thinks so too, and lists some good configuration options.

Learning Metalworking

I'm gradually assembling a metal shop in my basement/garage. Mostly to support my Alfa addiction, but also because it's so damn cool.

Learning how to use all the stuff I own is somewhat challenging. Many books assume you are in the industry, with big machinery and no time to waste. But for a home shop user, time is cheap, and the machinery limited.

I found Machine tool practices on Amazon used, and it's been the best book I've bought.

Learning is fun

Deb just asked me where the word tampon came from… A quick search on reveals it is derived from the old French (or maybe German) word tampion.

1. A wooden stopper, or plug, as for a cannon or other piece of ordnance, when not in use.

2. (Mus.) A plug for upper end of an organ pipe.


More confirmation

There are a lot of reasons why I married my wife. Another reason was revealed today, she's never seen the movie _E.T_. Similarly, I've never seen the _Wizard of Oz_ (and I plan to keep it that way.) My father filtered much of my TV viewing. Watching VH1's I love the 80s I can appreciate how much crap he saved me from watching.

Not under my xmas tree

In case anyone was wondering, this would have been an ideal xmas present: Alfa 156 GTAm I did get the excellent gift of a package of Turkish Alfa Romeo brochures from my friend Martin. As close as I'm likely to get to a new Alfa for the foreseeable future. (I'll never buy a new car, and FIAT is still inventing new ways to loose money, current US reintroduction date 2007.)

Apocolypse Pooh?!

Apocolypse Now is probably my favorite film (other than Blazzing Saddles of course.) When nothing else seems to be on, we can generally rely on Cinemax showing Redux. I think we must have watched it (or parts of it) at least 20 times in the last year. Anyway, we were looking up something on IMDB when I stubled upon a reference to IFILM – Apocalypse Pooh Wow. It's far from being a great spoof… Hell, I think I could have done better, but it's a damn funny concept.

A train in the kitchen

Maybe it's a side effect of watching so much BBC America, as Deb and I have started drinking tea. No Lipton here… Or current favorite is Margaret's Hope Autumnal SFTGFOP-1 Darjeeling. It helps having a first rate coffee roaster and tea shop in town. We just purchased a new kettle and went with the Oxo Uplift Tea Kettle The first use was a bit of a surprise, the multi-note steam whistle sounds like a steam engine coming down the tracks. Highly recommended.

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